Steps to Plan Corporate Teambuilding Events Virtually

Virtual team building activities have taken a significant uptick in the last few months on account of COVID-19. As the pandemic forces employees to work remotely, the need to keep colleagues connected and engaged has become more critical than ever before. Some estimates predict that 25 to 30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by 2021 end. When you look at these factors, it’s easy to imagine that corporate team-building events virtually will continue to grow in the coming days. However, the people assigned to plan remote team-building activities may seem intimidating. Although it may be undiscovered territory for you, planning such activity can be quickly done with few concrete steps.

Determine Your Timeline and Create a Budget

The first step is to consider your timelines. For planning an event, give yourself at least two weeks to work with.

Event budget often becomes a challenge given all the logistics you need to cover. Luckily, planning a virtual team-building event means you need not worry about how many people will be attending, so you’ll have to decide how much you have to invest.

Decide the Outcome of Your Activity and Ask Team Members to Share their Desired Remote Activities

Decide your goals and what you would like to achieve from your activity. This could be various things such as having fun, strengthening communications, building relationships, and boosting morale. When you are equipped with an understanding of your desired outcomes, you’ll be able to effectively select the suitable virtual team-building activity to plan for your group.

Wondering what type of corporate team-building events will be a hit with your team? No guessing and ask directly to your colleagues to get an understanding of what they’d enjoy.

Pick the Perfect Virtual Team Building Event

Once you know what type of activity your team will love, it’s time to pick something that aligns with their goals and preferences. These can be digital card games, icebreaker games, or virtual clue murder mystery.

Digital Card Games – If you and your team are love old-fashioned card games, you can find many games on different sites. For an added element of fun, you can connect through video conferencing platforms to chat face-to-face.

Icebreaker Games: Help your team get to know each other even better by working through a list of fun icebreaker questions.

Coordinate Logistics and Organize Your Team

Planning a team-building activity virtually requires significantly fewer logistics than an in-person event, but it does still require some logistical set-up, including:

Pick the Right Video Conferencing Tool – Most virtual team-building activities take place on video conferencing platforms.

Ensure Your Colleagues Have the Right Hardware: It’s essential that everyone knows what they’ll need to participate in the virtual corporate team-building events. This could include everything from a good Wi-Fi connection to a laptop, computer, tablet, and cell phone, if necessary.

Provide Your Team with Access to the Conference: Once you’ve picked your video conferencing platform, you’ll need to schedule your meeting and give your team members access.

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Nintendo Wii Accessories For Your Best Present

If you have been one of the lucky ones to receive and Nintendo Wii as a present, then you’re probably interested in the Nintendo Wii accessories that are available.

One of the most popular Wii accessories is the Wii Fit set. This set of accessories allows you to exercise your whole body through a variety of fun activities. It will include the Wii disk, the Wii foot boards and of course instructions.

The reason this is so popular is because anyone can use this system. As you sign up on the Wii Fit screen, you’ll be stepping on the board when it tells you to, your weight is then recorded along with your name. This will allow you to keep track of scores, time exercising, and whether you’ve lost weight or not. It’s a great way to determine how fit you are and even the youngest in the family can take a shot at it.

Most of the exercises will be approximately 3 minutes long, so it’s not difficult to start increasing your stamina the easy way with short segments. This is just one of the reasons this Nintendo Wii accessory is so popular, from the smallest child, to the oldest adult, they can get exercise while enjoying the short term exercise screens.

Another reason this accessory is so popular is the variety of things to do in order to get fit. You’ll not only find golf swings that can be analyzed that can actually improve your golf game in real life, but you’ll also find running, obstacle courses, winter sports, summer sports, cycling, and other types of fun fitness games. There really is something for everyone with this type of Nintendo Wii accessory, and now, you can get Wii Fit Plus, with even more fun games and fitness challenges available.